Happy Publication Day to Katherine Blake! Her adult debut novel, THE UNFORGETTABLE LORETTA, DARLING publishes today in the UK. Translation rights have also sold in Germany and Serbia.

We’re so excited for readers to fall in love with Loretta, it’s received some wonderful praise:

“Picture Daphne from Frasier gone rogue and you have Loretta Darling! You will love this saucy little British grifter unleashed in 1940s Hollywood with a makeup brush and a plan for vengeance on very bad men–what a delicious dark delight of a book!” — Jenna Blum, internationally bestselling author

“So sassy and delicious. Loretta is one cool character.” — Josie Silver, New York Times bestselling author

“I loved it!” — S.J. Bennett, author of HER MAJESTY INVESTIGATES

“Great fun–Loretta is glorious!” — Lucy Diamond, Sunday Times bestselling author

“Set in the Golden Era of Hollywood this is a glamorous, deliciously fun read which will keep you hooked until the very last page.” — C. L. Miller, internationally bestselling author of THE ANTIQUE HUNTER’S GUIDE TO MURDER

‘Sharply observed, full of scene-stealing characters, this book is a wildly enjoyable ride. Loretta is a force of nature, truly unforgettable!’ LAURA WOOD, author of UNDER YOUR SPELL

‘Absolutely loved this romp of a book. So feisty and fun’ TANIA TAY, author of THE OTHER WOMAN

Dreams don’t come true for girls like Loretta but she won’t let that stop her. With her sights set on becoming a make-up artist to the stars, Loretta wangles her way from Lancashire to the bright lights of Golden Age Hollywood.

Only it turns out that Sunset Boulevard is less about dashing fellas and chilled martinis – more sticky floors and misbehaving men. The gift of the gab can only get her so far but she refuses to go quietly.

Hollywood has its secrets … and so does Loretta.

For a start, that’s not her real name, and much more than lipstick lurks inside her beauty case.

After all, revenge is a dish best served with a perfectly painted smile.