Sarah Ried acquired North American rights in a one book deal from Catherine Cho at Paper Literary. THE BLUEPRINT is a speculative novel set in an alternate America where an uprising during the 1950s led to the re-enslavement of black women. It follows the story of Solenne, a young woman who becomes the concubine of a powerful white government official.

THE BLUEPRINT is a story about choosing one’s destiny, about sacrifice, about one woman’s journey to reclaim her power. Inspired by the life of Sally Hemings and the true accounts of enslaved Black girls who became concubines to powerful white men, this is a novel that reaches across genre, and – in the way that the most powerful speculative novels do – sheds light on the truths of our world.

Rae Rashad says: “Solenne’s journey to find emotional and physical freedom is both heartbreaking and empowering. As the author, there is freedom in being able to share such a deeply personal story with readers. Many thanks to my agent, Catherine Cho, and my editor, Sarah Ried at Harper. I will forever be grateful for their steadfast encouragement and belief that Solenne’s story deserves to be told with truth and honesty.”