We are delighted to announce that Lauryn Hamilton Murray’s Storm Weaver series has been acquired by Penguin in a highly competitive six-house auction. Carmen McCullough, Publisher, acquired World Rights from Catherine Cho in an upper six-figure deal for three books. The first title, Heir of Storms is scheduled for release in June 2025, rights have already been sold in six countries, including a significant US deal with Roaring Brook Press, and is set to take the world by storm.

Lauryn Hamilton Murray is a phenomenal new talent from Scotland, her cinematic debut is packed with all the features of a hit: a compelling cast of characters, stunning worldbuilding, an electrifying love triangle, high-stakes political intrigue, and a life-or-death competition.

Described as Twin Crowns meets Sarah J. Maas with a touch of The Hunger Games, Heir of Storms follows Blaze, a Rain Singer, as she vies against other Etheri, masters of elemental powers, to be the ruler of a kingdom where crowns are not inherited – they’re won.

When Blaze came into the world, she almost drowned it.

Blaze, a Rain Singer, is born into one of the most powerful fire-wielding families in the kingdom. Her birth summoned a devastating storm that resulted in the deaths of thousands, and she has spent her life as an outsider, reviled and feared.

When Blaze and her twin brother, Flint, are selected to compete in the Choosing Rite, the trials which decide the future rulers of the kingdom, she’s suddenly thrust into the limelight – and into battle.

A handsome prince and a royal throne within her reach, Blaze is poised to take the crown and restore her honour.

Lauryn Hamilton Murray says: “I am beyond excited to be working with Carmen and the amazing team at Penguin Children’s, whose enthusiasm for this series has utterly blown me away. I wrote Heir of Storms during my final year of university, and I could never have imagined where it would lead me. To be given the opportunity to share this book with readers across the world whilst being published alongside a number of my literary heroes is a true privilege. I’m so grateful to the Penguin Random House Children’s team, to my brilliant US editors Kate and Emilia at Roaring Brook, and to my incredible agent Catherine, who believed in me and in this story from the very beginning.”

Carmen McCullough, Publisher, says: “This is such an exciting time for the fantasy market and all of the sub-genres within it. It’s incredibly important to us to have a fantasy offering for every reader and Heir of Storms really is best in class romantasy. Lauryn is an exceptional talent and I know there will be a huge global audience for her totally compelling series. I can’t wait for everyone to meet Blaze in 2025.”

Many congratulations to Lauryn, we are so excited for readers to discover Heir of Storms.