We are delighted to announce that Kit Conway’s debut novel, Cat Fight, has been acquired by Transworld Editorial Director Sally Williamson. Katie Greenstreet sold UK rights in a four-way auction. US rights were pre-empted by Laura Brown at Atria (S&S US) from Allison Hunter at Trellis Literary Management on behalf of Paper Literary. Jason Richman and Mirabel Michelson at UTA are representing the film/TV rights.

Cat Fight is a high-concept secrets and lies drama exploring the lengths that women might go to when life leaves them feeling caged – either by the confines of motherhood, career stagnation, mediocre husbands or, sometimes, the gates of the very fancy neighbourhoods they’ve elected to live in.

For fans of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies by way of Bad Sisters and Dawn O’Porter’s Cat Lady, Cat Fight is set on an exclusive Sevenoaks estate, where reported big cat sightings have caused tensions in the neighbourhood to reach fever pitch. The book follows three women over the course of the summer, as they use the wild cat frenzy for their own nefarious plans. Because when the peace shatters in suburbia, the claws come out…

Williamson says: ‘Cat Fight had me enthralled from the first page with its razor-sharp observations on the lengths people will go to protect their own interests. With a prevailing undercurrent of tension and a cast of characters you both love and love-to-hate, this is a gripping, entertaining read that showcases Kit’s unique talent for executing a stand-out idea so brilliantly and believably.’

Conway says: ‘Cat Fight was inspired by a real life post I saw in a local online group in which a woman claimed to have returned home to find a large wild cat on her car bonnet. I was fascinated by this image, which has inspired the opening scenes of Cat Fight, but also by the responses to it: some doubting its veracity, but many sharing other local cat sightings and rumours. It occurred to me that the polarising nature of such sightings was fertile ground for manipulation, and, indeed, a novel. I’m thrilled that Cat Fight has found its natural habitat with Transworld and Atria, and grateful to have such an amazing team behind me in Sally, Laura, Allison, Jason and Mirabel, but am especially thankful to my fabulous agent, Katie, who had faith in me, and my idea, from the beginning. I’m so excited to be on this journey with them all and to introduce more people to my wild women of the suburbs.’