We are delighted that Brooke Robinson’s debut, THE INTERPRETER, publishes today in the UK! Katie Greenstreet sold UKBC rights in a six-figure pre-empt to Harvill Secker and North American rights in a pre-empt to Harper. Rights have also sold in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and Russia.

Early reviews have touted the book’s innovative premise and page-turning plot. HEAT called it ‘fresh, exciting, original,’ while PRIMA found it ‘compelling and ingenious.’

It’s also had some brilliant blurbs:

“An ingenious premise, cleverly executed, THE INTERPRETER is multi-layered and intriguing, gripping from beginning to end.” Sabine Durrant, author of LIE WITH ME and SUN DAMAGE

“Clever, atmospheric and utterly absorbing” Alice Clark-Platts, author of THE COVE

“Brilliantly crafted and deliciously dark, THE INTERPRETER forces us to question how
far is too far when it comes to serving justice and protecting our loved ones, and whether the best of intentions can excuse cataclysmic outcomes. A propulsive and heartfelt page-turner.” Erica Katz, author of THE BOY’S CLUB and FAKE

THE INTERPRETER follows single mother Revelle Lee, a court interpreter who spends her days translating for victims, witnesses and the accused across London. Only she knows what they’re saying. Only she knows the truth.

When Revelle believes a grave injustice is about to occur, and a guilty man is going to be found innocent, she has the power to twist an alibi to get the verdict she wants. She’s
willing to risk it all to do what’s right.

But when someone discovers she lied, Revelle finds the cost might be too high… and she could lose everything, including her son…

THE INTERPRETER will publish in the US on September 19th.