We are a literary agency for storytellers.

We champion writers - from the first edits to the best deal, to finding readers, and beyond.

We believe in the power of words, of stories to transform the world.

We are a

literary agency

for storytellers.

We champion writers -

from the first edits to the

best deal, to finding readers,

and beyond.

We believe in the power

of words, of stories to

transform the world.

Why choose Paper Literary?

Re-defining full-service. Combining big agency experience with a bespoke approach to representation, we invest in our authors at every stage of the process. We are your creative partners – from editorial to dealmaking through to publication and adaptation. We build careers.

Submissions Guide

If you are interested in submitting to us, please read our Submissions Guide

Submissions Guide

If you are interested in submitting

to us, please read our

Submissions Guide